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Julian Palmer established Blessed Auto in 2019 with his passion and motivations for cars it wasn’t long before he took it to the next level. Combining hands on experience with car detailing and working at an automotives shop he learned the art and details of auto detailing. The benefits with detailing your car will likely increase its resale value and it provides a psychological benefit that boosts your pride of ownership. We run a system to ensure our customers get the best results while maintaining a high standard for your most prize possession. We are proud to be a part of your journey. Come get Blessed!


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Exterior Cleaning

It involves vacuuming, restoring, and surpassing the original condition of the exterior constituents of a vehicle, such as tires, windows, and wheels, among other visible components.

Interior Cleaning

Vacuuming, wiping and conditioning leathers and vinyl, carbon fiber plastics and natural fibers.

Full & Beyond

Vacuuming, restoring. tires windows wheels , wiping and conditioning leathers , vinyl and carbon fiber plastic and natural fibers


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